Welcome to Royal Everest Adventures

Welcome to Royal Everest Adventures! Embark on a journey of a lifetime as you trek through the majestic Mountain. Our experienced guides and staff are dedicated to providing with an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Himalayans.

Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, witness panoramic views, and embrace the rich of the Himalayan people. Our knowledge guides will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the challenging terrain. At Royal Everest Adventures, we prioritize exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

Join us for an incredible experience and create lasting memories.

Nepal is a landlocked country. It is known as one of the small countries of an Asia. Its total area is 147,181 sq.km. It is located between two biggest countries, India and China. Nepal is home to 4 ethnics groups and more than 125 castes with 124 languages spoken. Many Nepali people are helpful and respectful to each other’s. People are respectful to their guests and greets
“Namaste”. Its population is about 30.55 million. It is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multireligious and multi-ethnic country. It is small but very beautiful country with a lot of diversities. Nepal offers 8 peaks of 8000m which includes Mt. Everest (the highest peak of the world, 8848.86), Kangchenjunga (8598m.), Lhotse (8516m.), Makalu (8516 m.), Cho oyu (8201m.), Dhaulagiri (8167m.), Manaslu (8163m.), Annapurna (8091m.)

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